Photo Portfolio of Eric Lee Gardner

Photography soaked through my skin like osmosis. When I was a child my father had a darkroom in our basement, where he would develop his black and white photography. I would go in there with him as he worked and the love of photography was born.

In elementary school, I began shooting videos after my grandfather, Herb Fellows, showed me the way. He had to have the latest in video technology, which at the time was 300 lb of VHS equipment.

In high school, it was 8 mm, and my friend Boyd and I would make movies that made our friends laugh. This was 20 plus years before YouTube and the internet would make that a worldwide sensation.

In college, I studied TV and film production. Under wise Christian teachers, like Dr. Butterfield and Mike James, I honed my craft and became a photographer and a videographer, of which I could be proud.

In college, we made a movie, Joel, will, and myself. This was far from highbrow, and in many ways was just pure ridiculousness. But we did it and again we did it 25 years before kids would be doing it every day on YouTube.

I used to spend hours in the darkroom at college when I was not spending days and days editing video first on tape and then on Avid systems.

After I got married photography changed, we changed, and the pictures changed, but one thing remained the same the love of photography.

When I traveled the country for business I brought my Nikon camera with me. This is long before phones.

And now I sit here with a state-of-the-art supercomputer, that can shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second, and with this tool, I can capture the world in an instant, and share it even faster.

I know I’ve railed against phones, but it’s not the phone and the technology I’m running against. I thank God for this phone and for the ability to shoot his nature, his Earth, his people, and for the ease and comfort that it provides my love and craving to take pictures everywhere I go.

I hope you enjoy this collection it was created over 30 years.