Living Colour

Of my top five all-time bands, Living Colour rests comfortably next to Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, and Steven Wilson.

The music and lyrics of Living Colour are played with fierce precision, and the vocals by Corey Glover are soaring and incomparable.

They happen to be black, or African-American, but like me, they don’t give a stinking crap about skin colour differences between all of us!

They are geniuses, who blazed the trail for so much music that followed in their wake.

I hope you enjoy this playlist because these songs were the soundtrack of part of my teen and college years.

They helped mold my youth and informed my adulthood.

Young people everywhere, especially this generation, need to hear the wisdom and music of some of the best musicians ever to walk the earth.

This music is mostly from the ’90s but in many ways, it was highly prophetic to the days we live in now.

Where the cult of personality controls all of Washington and Money talks, and drug lords run the streets of far many towns, cities, hospitals, and governments, across our fruited plain!

Living Colour was way ahead of their time and should be praised for their efforts to ring a bell in the sound of the trumpet in the name of such corruption reigning in our cities!!!

Eric Lee Gardner


Eric Lee Gardner
Cult of Personality
Time’s Up
Glamour Boys
Someone like you! 🤬
Go Away
Ignorance is Bliss
Leave it Alone
Open Letter to a Landlord
Elvis is Dead!
Solace of You
Sunshine of your Love
Love & Happiness
Burning Of Midnight The Lamp, all alone
Money Talks
History Lesson
Information Overload
New Jack Theme
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality Remastered
Funny Vibe
Memories can’t wait
Broken Hearts 💔
What’s your favorite Colour?! 💜♾️