Aretherra Phonetic Index

Aretherra Index

Aretehrra OR Aretherra Home World
(R – Terra)

Areth Old World
(Air – eth)

Zonoz Space Colony
(Zōn – ōs)

Lhunoz Orbitant Moon

U.R.O.A. United Republic Of Aretehrra

Aerosus The Chosen One
(Air – ô – soos)

Troyäs Best Friend
(Troy – ahs)

Dimic Best Friend
(Deem – ick)

Cyne New Friend

Fyxys: Android
(Fix – iss)

Trin Aero’s Cloned companion

King Sveinnus Aero’s adopted father. (S-vane us)

Prince Sirann Aero’s adopted brother

Phyrrös Fire|Energy People

Ahcuos Water People

Xuvi Flying People

Vysu Invisible/MatterShift
(Vee – soo)

Tarquin Gummy People
(Tar – Kwin)

ORYS – Collos ??? Continent
(Or iss)

Terlouxia People, Continent
(Ter – low – xia)

Vatryx People, Black Isles
(Vay – trix)

Acarnia People, Island chain
(Ah – carn – ia)

Elypora Northern Ice Land (El-pora)

Euydora Southern Ice Land (U – dora)

Kirse U.R.O.A. Leader

Zaad U.R.O.A. Leader

Sveinn U.R.O.A. Leader


Linza U.R.O.A. Leader

Xyvaen Zonoz Leader

Lepus Aerosus’s father
(Lee – puss)