Between Sun and Moon

The year was 1993.

I was 2,000 miles away from home and extremely homesick.

My new best friend and roommate, Joel, got the latest Rush before I did, the new album was called “Counterparts” You see back then there were no digital downloads or streaming, only cassette tapes, and CDs.

Being an audio file snob, I was waiting for the CD in the local store said it would be a couple of weeks.

So I made a copy of Joel’s cassette, that way I had my copy of Counterparts.

Lying in bed at night with tears streaming down my face from time to time, homesick for Cape Cod, I would listen to between Sun and Moon over and over again.

The extraordinary lyrics by Neil Peart, soaring vocals by Geddy Lee, and driving guitar riffs by Alex Lifeson, gave me comfort and a time of great turmoil.

If you listen there’s a key change in one of the final verses and it goes up, it filled me with hope to listen to the song.

Between Sun and Moon stands as one of my all-time favorite Rush songs I hope you enjoy it too!

I didn’t know it at the time, but my counterpart would find me within a years time.

The girl of my dreams walked up to my door, God had a plan all along but in that moment I’m sure I prayed many times for God to help me out, and he did!

God gave me my counterpart, Mellie.

Eric Lee Gardner

Between Sun and Moon

There is a lake between sun and moon
Not too many know about
In the silence between whisper and shout
The space between wonder and doubt

This is a fine place
Shining face to face
Those bonfire lights in the mirror of sky
The space between wonder and why

ahh yes to yes to ahh ahh to yes
why the sun why the sun

There is a fine line between love and illusion —
A fine place to penetrate
The gap between actor and act
The lens between wishes and fact

This is a fine place
To hesitate
Those bonfire lights in the lake of sky
The time between wonder and why

Some need to pray to the sun at high noon
Some need to howl at the midwinter moon
Reborn and baptized in a moment of grace
We just need a break —
From the headlong race

ahh yes to yes to ahh ahh to yes
why the sun why the sun

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart and Pye Dubois

Between Sun and Moon

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